HvacNZ supply and install Benelli 600mm stainless steel rangehoods. The public number one enemy of a healthy home is MOISTURE!

Why is that?

We all know mould is nasty in the house. It’s ugly, unpleasant and creates breathing issues. Moisture is the steroid for moulds to grow. But it is not the actual moisture but rather when it turns into dampness on walls, ceilings and floor that creates the perfect incubation vessel for the mould to thrive. Moisture also rubs money out of your pocket. It makes the house harder to heat thus spending more money on keeping your home warm. It is also the perfect condition for lots of types of virus to live and multiply.


Where did it come from?

In kitchen, your cooking or boiling water generate excessive moisture that needs to the expel out to the outside. Cosy Spaces can help with installing range hood and extraction fans. Retrofitting a rangehood is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get until you open it up.

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